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[27/02/2013] Spring 2013 Special. PV Do-It-Yourself kits for jus

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[04:06:12] Our Spring 2013 Special for a limited time: PV combo sets kits with Yingli quality components for a great price.

Kits contains:
- 245Wp polycrystalline solar modules from Yingli solar.10 years warranty.
- 3-phase inverter from Aurora Power-One.
- Mounting system
- Cables and connectors
- System Design inclusive

Price example for a 10kWp system with a mounting system for trapezoidal sheet metal, 3-phase inverter Power-One 10.0-TL-OUTD-FS, solar cable for 20m string lenghts plus MC4 compatible connectors: Only 920, - EUR / kWp (net)
plus transportation.

Please contact us for more information.

[27.02.2013] NEW - "Plug and Save" Micro Solarsystems

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Reduce your electricity bill with our new Solar Systems with integrated micro inverters.
What are Plug and Save solar systems
? Plug and Save solar systems are small photovolatic units with usually only one or a few solar panels. The systems include a micro-inverter which converts the generated electricity of the solar module directly into AC.
Typically these type of systems are usedto cover the base electricity consumption to reduce electricity bills.
An advantage of the system is that you dont have high voltage on the DC site which increase the safety.
Find more information in our section "PV Combo Sets". Please contact us for more information.

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