Step 4: Your Annual Output >>>

Step 4 - The expected generated electricity of your future PV system (Kwh)

In Step 1 to 3 you have calculated all essential data together you need for an estimation of the annual solar electricity your photovoltaic system will generate.

It is expressed in Kilowatt hours (KWh). KWh are the product of your rated PV system capacity (KWp) times the annual sun hours. Considering lost by orientation of the roof, tilt angle of the modules as discussed in steps before plus degree of efficiency of your system. We explain how to proceed.

In internet you find some free solar calculators you can feed with your data you get from previous steps.

1. You are living in Canada, USA, Africa, Asia, Australia:

You are living in USA, Canada or elsewhere in the world: Use free software PV Watts from Nrel

Use the free software PV Watts:

Guideline using PV Watts:

Using PV Watts from NREL

Photovoltaic - Radiation Map North Amercia


2. You are living in Europe:

You are living in EUROPE: Use free software PVGIS:

Link to PVGIS:

Guideline using PVGIS:

Using PVGIS for Europe

Using PVGIS for Europe




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