Success Stories

Find below a selection of recent projects and references.
This is only a small part of some of our projects and deliveries. On requests we would be happy to send you additional reference projects and information. Please feel free to contact us!

November 2016: Industrial System. Manila / Philippines

PV System Manila, Philippines



November 2016: Industrial System. Manila / Philippines

PV System Manila, Philippines

Year 2013 - 2017: PV system design and delivery of Do-It-Yourself photovoltaic sets to Germany and various European countries

Systems for residential and commercial buildings. Components are optimized to the specific requirements.

Delivery includes: SMA, Steca Grid, ABB, Yingli, Trina Solar, Q.Cells, ET Solar, Canadian Solar, REC Solar, Solar-Log.

 Delivery Do-It-Yourself PV combo Sets from warehouse Hannover / Germany

June 2014: Residential home in Sweden

Delivery of a complete PV system.
7kWp. Trina Honey monocrystalline solar modules. Danfoss inverter.

 Do-It-Yourself PV Kit. Sweden.

February 2014: Historic farm nearby Dresden / Germany

Delivery of a complete PV-System. 16 kWp. Trina Honey monocrystalline All-Black. Solar inverter SMA Tripower.

 Delivery of a PV combo set. Dresden / Germany

October 2013: Commercial Building Hannover / Germany

Turn Key Installation.
East-West system to maximize own electricity consumption. 18 kWp with ABB Power One inverter und Yingli 250Wp photovoltaic modules. Mounting system K2 D-Dome.

 Turn Key Installation Solar System Hannover / Germany

June 2013: Installation Nedap Powerrouter with BAE Sundepot Battery bank

 Installation Photovoltaic System 5.635 kWp, NEDAP powerrouter and 24V/420 Sun Depot Battery Bank.

 Installation Nedap Powerrouter and BAE Battery Bank

May & August 2013: Genthin / Germany. Delivery YINGLI SMA Solar Combo Set

13kWp combo sets:
Yingli polycrystalline 245 Wp solar modules, 2 x SMA Sunny Tripower 6000 Inverter, mounting systems for trapezoidal sheet and east- west mounting system for flat roof.

 Delivery YINGLI SMA combo photovoltaic set

April 2013. 464 kWp. PV projects in Herzberg / Germany

 Project Developement, Planing and Coordination

 Reference Sunways - Solarfennel Brandenburg

November 2012. Delivery a Photovoltaic Combo Set to a Solar Pioneer in Estonoa

November 2012: Delivery of a 11kWp combo photovoltaic set consisting of TIANWEI polycrystalline solar modules, Danfoss TLX 10kW Pro+ solar inverter and mounting system.

GREEN SUN MIHKEL PERE is a solar pioneer and brings clean energy to Estonia. Green Sun offers solar installation in Estonia. If you are living in Estonia and interested in a solar system for your home or business, we are happy to bring you in contact with Mihkel.

 Delivery Solar System to Estonia

June 2012. Farms in Finsterwalde, Brandenburg / Germany. 2.8 MW 

June 2012: Project Development, planning and coordination photovoltaic projects in Finsterwalde / Brandenburg in eastern Germany. total system size 2.8 MW. Tianwei modules. Growatt solar inverters.

Customer and project investor: Global Solar GmbH, Frankfurt am Main:

Projects Finsterwalde / Brandenburg 2.800kWp



November 2011 - March 2012. Farm close to Berlin

 System Size: 295 kWp. Polycrystalline modules ReneSola with 235Wp, ET Solar with 240Wp, Future-Solar 230Wp nominal power. Mounting system from Alumero.

Farming. System Size 295kWp 

November 2011. Project Greenhouse Schwerin, Germany: 

System Size: 150 kWp. Polycryistalline modules ReneSola with 235Wp nominal power. Mounting system from Alumero.

Greenhouse Schwerin, Germany

Deliveries to our customer in UK

Company Marble Solar. A professional system integrator in Hampshire / UK:

Delivery to UK

Deliveries to our customer in Belgium

Company Lumiwatt a professional system integrator in Frameries / Belgium 

Delivery to Belgium

Regulary deliveries in Germany to broad range of customers

Deliveries 2011

Europe-Solar Engineering Service

3D shadow analysis to optimize the module matrix and planning the strings

PV Engineering Service - 3D shadow analysis 


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