Production Process PV Panels

The production process of crystalline solar modules is achieved in seven quality controlled steps.

We visited all of our partner companies for a quality audit to check the production process. Also we inspect other criteria such as cleanliness and staff training.


The most important stations in the production are listed below:


Station 1: Cell Sorting
The cells are the heart of a solar panel. They are critical to reach the expected performance of the panel. In the first step, the cells are checked critically for any failures. Electrical measurements are made plus a visual inspection. The cells are sorted into performance classes, any failed cells will be sorted out.


Cell Sorting


Station 2: Stringing
The silicon cells are connected to strings with ribbons by soldering. Very important is cleanness, having the right soldering temperature and pre-heating the cells.


Cell Ribbon


Station 3: Lay-up Station
The solar cells are connected to strings in the Lay-up station. They are laid on purified and non-reflective solar glass, a special hardened glass with high transparency. The glass is covered by the EVA. The strings are soldered and connected in series.

  Lay Up

Station 4: Electroluminescent-Test
The EL (electroluminescence =  EL) process applies an electrical field and visualize any possible damages in the cells. The EL is used to further quality assurance testers.


Station 5: Lamination
The composite is laminated under a precisely defined pressure and process temperature. It protect the strings from environmental influences. Now the sensible solar cells are protected against moisture and ultraviolet light.


Station 6: Framing and Junction Box
Next, the laminate is covered with a stabilizing aluminum frame and a junction box is connected to the back-sheet. Now a final visual inspection is proceeded.

  Rahmen PV Module 

Station 7: Flash Test
Finally, the modules are tested under standard test conditions (called STC). The performance result will be loges and given to the customer.



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