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In the table below we briefly review common types of solar inverters with the specific advantage, disadvantages and typical project characteristic.

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Evaluation Matrix Solar Inverter 

Manufacture and Model
Type Number of
Description Review
Advantage Disadvantage



TLX 6:
6 kVA

TLX 8:
8 kVA

TLX 10: 10kVA

TLX 12.5: 12.5 kVA

TLX 15: 15 kVA

TLX 6 - 10: 2 MPP

TLX 12.5 + 15: 3 MPP

The Danfoss TLX are quite good 3-phase inverters for a universal, broad range of use. 2 or 3 MPP trackers allow a flexible stringing esspecialy  for sites with partly shading. Well suited for small to medium-roof systems.

Another advantage is that the TLX Pro+ devices have already integrated a webloggers for PV plant monitoring.

Acceptable to good price for the larger units.




- 2 resp. 3 MPP Tracker.

- The small TLX devices have a fairly large MPP voltage range. Enables flexible stringing.

- Monitoring already on board in the Pro + version.

- Low weight of only 35kg for all devices.

- All units are 3-phase inverters

- All appliances including RS485 interface (to interface with an external monitor).

- Good design software.

- Full EU setup already on board. Inverters can be used anywhere in Europe without any update of the firmware.




PowerOne PVI und TRIO

Power One

PVI 10.0: 11kVA

PVI 12.5: 13,8kVA

Trio 20: 22 kVA

Trio 27.6: 30 kVA


The PowerOne inverters are excellent 3phase appliances for universal usage with 2 MPP trackers and high efficiency.

The great MPP voltage range with stable efficiency enables flexible stringing.



- High and stable efficiency over the full MPP voltage range

- Broad selection of different power classes from 10kVA to 30kVA

- 10 years warranty for all devices included.

- String fuses, surge protection and RS485 communication for most devices already on board.

- Good option also for larger power plants with the Trio inverters

- Good price.

- Documentation: Not always up to date


Kostal Logo

Piko 3.0: 3kVA

Piko 3.6: 3.6kVA

Piko 4.2: 4.2kVA

Piko 5.5: 5.5kVA

Piko 7.0: 7kVA

Piko 8.3: 8.3kVA

Piko 10.1: 10kVA

Piko 3.0: 1 MPP

Piko 3.6 / 4.2 / 8.3: 2 MPP

Piko 5.5 / 10.1: 3 MPP


Broad range of power classes allow a good fit to almost every small and medium size power plant.

3phase inverters already starting from the Piko 4.2. 


- Broad range of power ranges enables high flexibility and always a optimal solution for almost all solar power plants.

- Even the small inveters comes already with 2 and 3 MPP trackers.

- Data monotoring already on oard. Mo extra costs.

- Full EU setup already on board. Inverters can be used anywhere in Europe without any update of the firmware.

- Relative low efficiency.

- Effiency depends heavily on the string voltage.


Siemens PVM

Siemens Logo

PVM 10: 10kVA

PVM 13: 12.4kVA

PVM 17: 16.5kVA

PVM 20: 19.2kVA


With their very competitive price and high efficiency, Siemens solar inverters are especially suitable for large PV installations.

However, they only comes with 1 MPP tracker, whoch makes a design for sites with partly shadow difficult.

- High efficiency.

- Competitive prce.

- Only 1 MPP Tracker

- Short documentation.



SMA Logo

STP 8000: 8kVA

STP 10000: 10kVA

STP 12000: 12kVA

STP 15000: 15kVA

STP 17000: 17kVA


The 3-phase Tripower solar inverters from the market leader SMA cover a broad range of applications and can thus be used universally for all medium to large scale PV plants.

The new STP 15000EE and 20.000EE SMA now offers a device that is specially designed for ground installations.


- High efficiency.

- Standard monitoring free of charge on board

- Asymmetrical MPP channels (input power MPP A is greater than B MPP) allow a flexible solar module stringing.

- Excellent documentation, service and technical support.

- Longest market experience.


- Extras such as surge protection must be purchased separately.

- 5-year standard warranty. Extension fee for 10 years warranty.



Sunways Logo

NT10.000: 10kVA

NT11.000: 11kVA


PT 30k: 33kVA

PT 33k: 36.3kVA



Remarkable of the NT inverters is, that all are equipped with 3 MPP trackers. This is esspecially useful for sites where partly shadow accours.

The Sunways PT devices are central inverters, which can be ordered either as an indoor unit or also for outdoor use (IP54 potected).

All Sunways inverters are already equipped with a data monitoring.

- All NT devices comes with 3 MPP trackers.

- Competitive price.

- Data monitoring already on board.

- Unflexible module stringing for the NT inverters, since every MPP trackers feeds-in separately on each phase. This requires strings with nearly same power / number of modules.

- Little choice of power ranges. Only devices with 10/11/12k and 30k/33k are available. No power range in between.

- 5-year standard warranty. Extension fee for 10 years warranty.


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