Recommended Documentation PV System

A proper documentation of the design and installation of a photovoltaic system is essential for a safe operation, maintenance and failure check.

 The European DIN EN 62446 (Germany: VDE 0126-23) :2010-07 gives an appropriate standard for a proper and systematic system documentation as well as a documentation of all measurements of starts of operation.

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Minimum Documentation of a Photovoltaic System:

1. General information about the solar system:

  • PV system: Location, type, nominal power, module orientation and / or roof slope, photos of the PV Systems and a brief description.

  • Yield: Return on investment prediction (eg investment report with software PV-Sol)

  • Start of Operation: Date, Feed-in-tariff, registration papers given to the grid operator

  • System Realization: General contractor or engineering company for planing, installers, other parties involved.

2. Surveyor's plan, principle circuit diagram, string plans, statics:

  • Site plan of the PV system

  • Principle circuit diagram for maintenance and lightning protection

  • String plans of the entire system including used PV cable cross sections and at least serial numbers of the inverter

  • Statics

3. Measurments of the PV system:

  • Measurement protocol start of operation: Open circuit voltage, shortcur current, cable insulation resistant.

4. PV components:

  a/ Photovoltaic modules:

  • Manufacure

  • Type

  • Datasheets

  • Copies of certificates (at least IEC 61215, IEC 61730, CE)

  • Allowed snow and windload

  • Installationsmanual

  • Manufacture warranty

  • Flaslists of all modules (For every solar module: Serial number, output power, open circuit voltage, shortcut current, MPP voltage and current)

  b/ Solar inverters:

  • Manufacture

  • Type

  • Datasheet

  • Certificates such as VDE-4105 for low voltage grid connection

  • If necessary other certificates such as BDEW UNit certificate for medium voltage grid connection

  • CE conformity, certifiacate and component proetection, EM conformity

  • Manufacture warranty

  c/ Cables:

  • AC-Cables: Manufacture, diameter, power loss calculation, certificates

  • Solar Cables: Manufacture, diameter, power loss calculation, certificates

  d/ Mountingsystem:

  • Manufacture

  • Type

  • Datasheets

  • Approvals and tested standards

  • Allowable wind/snow loads and / or system static

5. PV system configuration:

  a/ Design and sizing of the inverters, including consideration of the reactive power

  b/ Shadow analysis

  c/ Lightning and Surge Protection

  d/ Cable calculations and power losses for each cable

  e/ PV plant monitoring and if necessary power management

Beispiel Stringplan

Sample of a string plan

Beispiel Lageplan PV-Anlage

Sample of a PV site layout

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